Faith Communities

As a community social enterprise we are, as a team, committed to inclusion and equality of course, but also in our face to the world, welcoming those of faith, different faiths or no faith at all.

blue river, blue sky, blue spire in the distance
Faith in the Journey: Image Riccardo Bertolo, Creative Commons,

None the less, our team has many years of experience in supporting faith communities to develop projects across the arts, community enterprise, family welfare and education. (...this list is not exhaustive…Ed.)

We are keen to support communities of faith, donating or skills and expertise where we can.

To have an initial project chat, without commitment, as an inclusive community of faith we welcome your approach.

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Faith in Action:

Burton Peace 100, remembering those lost in the First World War, was a project we were delighted to support in 2018.

elderly French woman talks to Fijian soldier in WW1
Difference in conversation in wartime: image from the web pages of Burton Peace 100

Using the resources of we were able to build out a web site which is packed with Centenary resources, and celebration of life too, for the Trentside Parish in Burton on Trent.

Their project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and we were delighted to donate time, resources and skills to support the project.

Our social enterprise hosting service keeps the project, and its resources, alive for everyone  still, on into this century!

See the Peace 100 web site here: