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Below is a range of newsfeeds from a variety of sources, which we hope foster your interest in gardening, landscape and cultivation. They are part of our work with the Muddy Boots Project, a project of Broadway Social Enterprise.

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HortWeek 2014 News RSS Feed

Find news about the UK horticulture industry including garden retail, plant production, edibles production, landscaping, parks & arboriculture on HortWeek

Shadow Defra secretary of state Daniel Zeichner has asked Defra "on what basis Defra estimated that between 50,000 and 60,000 seasonal workers are needed annually across the horticultural sector to bring in the harvest" and whether Defra will publish that research.
Posted: 02-07-22
In addition to a show garden, the Blue Diamond Group will relaunch the Queen Bee rose at the show on behalf of the Soil Association.
Posted: 01-07-22
Turnover for garden plants at Royal FloraHolland in June is down -31% compared to June 2021.
Posted: 01-07-22
Rose of the Year is Peach Melba from Kordes, as revealed by HortWeek in June, and British Association of Rose Breeders have revealed the eight nurseries growing it.
Posted: 01-07-22
Glee 2023 (27-29 June) moves from four to five halls of the NEC.
Posted: 01-07-22

The Middle-Sized Garden

if your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre

This small wildlife garden is very pretty and easy to look after. Plus it attracts a wide range of wildlife. When the Rewilding Britain garden won Best in Show at...

The post A small wildlife garden for towns and cities – and it’s really easy to maintain appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 25-06-22

If you want a pretty garden – on a budget – now is a brilliant time to find inspiration. The garden design ideas at BBC Gardeners World Live, currently on...

The post How to make a pretty garden on a budget – ideas from BBC Gardeners World Live appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 16-06-22

When Natalie and Mike Newman first saw their house, they were attracted by the neglected garden almost more than the house itself. It was probably laid out in Victorian or...

The post Where do you start with a neglected garden? appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 11-06-22

10 things you need to know when creating a beautiful balcony garden. Practical tips and inspiration from award-winning balconies.

The post 10 balcony garden ideas – create your perfect haven appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 04-06-22

Show gardens aren’t real gardens. You visit a show like the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022 to be inspired and uplifted. Or perhaps even to disagree about what does and...

The post 11 ideas from RHS Chelsea 2022 that work beautifully in real gardens appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 24-05-22

Garden Collage Magazine

The Magazine for Life in Bloom

Just in time for the holiday season, Phaidon has released a sumptuous and comprehensive survey that celebrates the beauty and appeal of flowers throughout art, history, and culture. Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom takes readers on a journey across continents and cultures to discover the endless ways artists and designers throughout history, from ancient […]

The post Phaidon takes us on a journey to explore the World in Bloom appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Garden Collage
Posted: 19-12-20

The food we consume has a tremendous impact on our lives. But the way we produce and consume it most significantly impacts the world around us. Agriculture is one of the main offenders when it comes to global warming, contributing approximately 25% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. About 15% of the global land surface […]

The post How do we make the food system more sustainable? The Stone Barns Center is paving the way. appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Garden Collage
Posted: 14-10-19

In a recently released study, the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) announced that neonicotinoid pesticides are still present in tap water, even after being treated in water management plants. Neonicotinoids are among the most widely used class of pesticides in the world, and are known to be a potent neurotoxin. Though they are considered more of a […]

The post Pesticides in Water Are More Widespread Than You Think appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Nora Mueller
Posted: 30-06-19

Interested in learning how to make pressed flowers? Get the whole family involved in holiday cards this year! While posing for a family photo does have a certain caché, making your own own botanical greeting cards with pressed flowers is a fun way to spend some time together this season, without the drama of matching sweaters. […]

The post How To Make Holiday Cards with Pressed Flowers appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Nora Mueller
Posted: 08-11-18

In the era of mass manufacturing– and at a time in which handmade items are enjoying renewed primacy— knitting and the art of making one’s own clothes has never been more attractive. Handcrafted luxury brands like Elizabeth Suzann and Alabama Chanin are making modern clothing by hand again, while Instagram accounts like Thea Coleman and […]

The post We Love This Freshly Picked, Partially Recycled Yarn appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Garden Collage
Posted: 29-10-18

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban-style organic gardening blog about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources.

FB.ORG – Nearly 40 years ago as I started my career in agriculture communications, the week leading up to Thanksgiving celebrated those who live on the land and care for critters (livestock), while recognizing the important partnership farmers have with consumers. Farm-City Week celebrated the harvest and the abundance of affordable and nutritious food available […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 04-12-20
METRO.NEWS – THERE is growing evidence that being in natural spaces — whether while gardening or listening to bird song — has a positive effect on mental health. Being in nature is also linked to improved cognitive function, greater relaxation, coping with trauma and alleviating certain attention deficit disorder symptoms in children. However, most of […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 03-12-20
WMICENTRAL.COM – This has become a rallying cry by gardeners, natural landscape enthusiasts and ecologists. To let fallen leaves stay where they land in yards across America is becoming a popular trend. Not because homeowners and gardeners are lazy (so we claim), but because the leaves provide a protective habitat and ecosystem for the insects, […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 02-12-20
NEWS.CGTN.COM – China’s rural development still faces many contradictions and problems, such as the decline of farmers’ enthusiasm for growing grain, the increasing difficulty of farmers’ continuous income increase, and the aging of rural areas increasingly serious, the recently released “2020 China Agricultural and Rural Development Report” shows. Many experts believe the construction of “unmanned […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 01-12-20
On November, 30th people all over are celebrating National Mason Jar Day!  This day celebrates the invention of the mason jar and its usability in homes everywhere. Since hipsters and homesteaders alike are making mason jars a staple, let’s drop some facts about mason jars and their fascinating past! “The origins of the mason jar […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 30-11-20


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