The Fellowship of the Garden

Everything was in bloom for the Big Lunch

As the clouds moved away, and the mid-morning preparations were winding up, the sun burst through to bathe our Branston Road therapeutic garden in warmth and light.

We were set fair for The Big Lunch on the 1st July, 2017.

As the mounting buffet table began to creak with the weight of food, much donated and prepared by Muddy Boots volunteers, the laughter of small children from the garden ‘writing and creative’ corner echoed across the landscape.

More people began to arrive, and the chatter of many voices began to blend with the singing of birds and the rustling of our trees in what light wind there was available.

There were many intonations and accents. Staffordshire and Derbyshire, certainly, but also Latvian, Somali and even a hint of Suffolk we understand, amongst a myriad of others.

Graham, our master-chef, kept four barbeques and a constant queue of hungry Muddy Booters fed and watered. A skill valued above rubies on the day!

Even the vegetables had a Big Lunch flourish!

We had an opportunity to meet old friends and to make new ones. To explore some of the doubts and fears we had, but also to recognise the connections we had, the contiguity of our humanity and the pleasure of just sharing, in a welcoming, safe and well tended space. Carefully tended in every aspect of the event, we hoped.

Thank you to all for their enthusiasm, energy and care.

This was the Fellowship of the Garden.


Editorial Notes:

The Muddy Boots Big Lunch was a community event, held in our Therapeutic Garden to the rear of MIND in Branston Road, Burton on Trent.

Muddy Boots is a project of Broadway Social Enterprise, a company Limited by Guarantee, working for community benefit.

Any surpluses we generate are returned, in full, to our projects to facilitate more ‘not for profit’ delivery.

You can read more about Muddy Boots here.