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Below is a range of newsfeeds from a variety of sources, which we hope foster your interest in gardening, landscape and cultivation. They are part of our work with the Muddy Boots Project, a project of Broadway Social Enterprise.

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Featured feed: Riverford Organic Farmers

The Riverford Blog

News from the farm

This week, Hodmedod’s organic British Fava beans and Carlin peas have joined our range, with wholegrain quinoa soon to follow. Tinned beans might not sound like the most exciting new arrival, but Hodmedod’s store-cupboard staples are something special: forgotten varieties, … Continue reading

The post Say hello to Hodmedod’s homegrown pulses appeared first on The Riverford Blog.

Author: Riverford
Posted: 24-05-19

From being a straw-chewing yokel working in a muddy backwater in the 80s, when few cared about how their broccoli was grown, we now find ourselves at the centre of so many debates. The surfeit of opinions but lack of … Continue reading

The post Introducing Wicked Leeks appeared first on The Riverford Blog.

Author: Riverford
Posted: 20-03-19

We’re really pleased to announce that sustainable wild fish is joining our range. It’s been a long journey to this point, but after months of research – consulting fishermen, research bodies and industry experts – we’ve come up with a … Continue reading

The post Sustainable wild fish has joined our range! appeared first on The Riverford Blog.

Author: Riverford
Posted: 15-02-19

A whole golden, succulent roast organic turkey: the classic Christmas centrepiece. Our birds are the much-celebrated Bronze breed: a slow-growing traditional turkey that gives rich, juicy meat with an intense natural flavour. We include the giblets, so you can top … Continue reading

The post How to cook a turkey appeared first on The Riverford Blog.

Author: Riverford
Posted: 06-12-18

We’ve scoured the country for the absolute best handcrafted organic cheeses, sampling everything from classic Somerset cheddars to quirky sheep’s cheese with wild seaweed from the Outer Hebrides. Trialling, testing, tasting… it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do … Continue reading

The post Organic Christmas cheeses from Riverford appeared first on The Riverford Blog.

Author: Riverford
Posted: 23-11-18

HortWeek 2014 News RSS Feed

Find news about the UK horticulture industry including garden retail, plant production, edibles production, landscaping, parks & arboriculture on Horticulture Week

Cornwall’s Spring Story 2020 promotion "heralds the start of spring" at the moment Cornish Magnolias flower.
Posted: 18-02-20
PanAmerican Seeds' Cultural Research department has trialled and tested Coleus to see if PGR or light conditions could affect foliage colour.
Posted: 18-02-20
A meeting at Kew on 20 February is to update on progress by the Highgrove biosecurity group on tackling British plant health.
Posted: 17-02-20
The Association of Professional Landscapers (APL) will showcase its ‘A Place To Meet Again’ garden at the 2020 RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival, taking place from 6-12 July.
Posted: 17-02-20
Open garden charity Scotland’s Gardens Scheme is highlighting the power of gardens in battling climate change by holding its first May Garden Festival Weekend, from 23-25 May.
Posted: 17-02-20

The Middle-Sized Garden

if your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre

These are my favourite medium sized garden ideas from two private gardens I’ve just visited. Middle-sized gardens are often referred to as a ‘small gardens’ because ‘proper gardens’ are usually...

The post 8 beautiful and unusual medium sized garden ideas appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 16-02-20

Maybe your whole garden is sloping? O perhaps you just have to plant on a slope in one border? Either way, it can be frustrating. I only have the tiniest...

The post How to plant on a slope appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 09-02-20

What to think about when you're looking for a new garden gate. How to choose a gate or have it tailored made for you. Plus garden gate ideas.

The post How to choose a garden gate appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 26-01-20

Easy topiary might seem like a contradiction in terms. Many of the great topiary gardens have lots of wonderful elaborate shapes that have taken years to grow. We amateur gardeners...

The post How to use easy topiary shapes in stylish ways appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 19-01-20

Conifers have had a bad reputation in the past. When Fergus Garrett of Great Dixter told a group of Garden Media Guild journalists that he planned to use more conifers...

The post How conifers can transform your year-round garden appeared first on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Author: Alexandra Campbell
Posted: 12-01-20

Garden Collage Magazine

The Magazine for Life in Bloom

The food we consume has a tremendous impact on our lives. But the way we produce and consume it most significantly impacts the world around us. Agriculture is one of the main offenders when it comes to global warming, contributing approximately 25% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. About 15% of the global land surface […]

The post How do we make the food system more sustainable? The Stone Barns Center is paving the way. appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Garden Collage
Posted: 14-10-19

In a recently released study, the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) announced that neonicotinoid pesticides are still present in tap water, even after being treated in water management plants. Neonicotinoids are among the most widely used class of pesticides in the world, and are known to be a potent neurotoxin. Though they are considered more of a […]

The post Pesticides in Water Are More Widespread Than You Think appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Nora Mueller
Posted: 30-06-19

Interested in learning how to make pressed flowers? Get the whole family involved in holiday cards this year! While posing for a family photo does have a certain caché, making your own own botanical greeting cards with pressed flowers is a fun way to spend some time together this season, without the drama of matching sweaters. […]

The post How To Make Holiday Cards with Pressed Flowers appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Nora Mueller
Posted: 08-11-18

In the era of mass manufacturing– and at a time in which handmade items are enjoying renewed primacy— knitting and the art of making one’s own clothes has never been more attractive. Handcrafted luxury brands like Elizabeth Suzann and Alabama Chanin are making modern clothing by hand again, while Instagram accounts like Thea Coleman and […]

The post We Love This Freshly Picked, Partially Recycled Yarn appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Garden Collage
Posted: 29-10-18

The art of sending letters might seem nostalgic in the digital age, but gorgeously made paper goods are like a solid black dress: they never go out of style. Whether you’re sending a handwritten birthday card or a heartfelt Thank You, nothing says sincerity quite like a beautiful card– and given the rising popularity of […]

The post The Best and Most Beautiful Botanical Stationary appeared first on Garden Collage Magazine.

Author: Molly Beauchemin
Posted: 30-09-18

Urban Organic Gardener

Urban-style organic gardening blog about growing your own food with limited space and creative resources.

WASHINGTON – The landmark Food Quality Protection Act requires the Environmental Protection Agency to protect children’s health by applying an extra margin of safety to legal limits for pesticides in food. But an investigation by EWG, published this week in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, found that the EPA has failed to add the mandated children’s […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 18-02-20
Hemp attracts bees in droves, a new study finds. Researchers tested several strains and found bees – both wild and domestic – love them all, especially the taller varieties. It’s an unusual finding considering cannabis doesn’t possess the sweet nectar or bright colors typical of flowers that attract pollinators. The researchers speculate it’s something to […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 15-02-20
Joining the effort to reforest the planet, Jane Goodall commits to planting 5 million trees by the end of the year.  Jane Goodall, known for saving the chimpanzees, is now on a similar mission to save our forests. The famed primatologists’ Roots & Shoots program connects young people across 60 counties in an effort to reforest […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 13-02-20
Hundreds of Philadelphians grow their own food on city land. African and Southeast Asian immigrants cultivate African eggplant and Thai roselle in South Philadelphia. Mexican immigrants and Puerto Ricans grow jalapeños and gandules in Kensington. In neighborhoods across the city, some 418 edible gardens bloom across 500 parcels. But these spaces face an uncertain future […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 07-02-20
It’s the dream of millions of people: To live off the land and to never need to make a trip to the grocery store. But for nearly everyone with that dream, it’s just that — a dream. Our current global, industrial food system is just too convenient and easy to resist. Our modern lives are […]
Author: UOG
Posted: 04-02-20


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