121 Project

This is a perfect example of the work done by Broadway’s blueQuarter.co team to support the work of a Norfolk based mental health support charity.

Our team has created a modern, flexible design for the charity – delivering three sites in all, to support the work of the charity, the services provided by professional counsellors and, of course, support for individuals through these difficult times.

You can see the on-going work of our blueQuarter team here…

Welcome to the One to One Project

Here is the charity’s main web site. Mission, delivery and support all featured in a well tailored site.

Our team manages all updates, security, back-ups and responses to client requests.

If you would like a multi-site web presence to the highest standards contact [email protected] to begin your Broadway web journey.

All the surpluses we make go to support our community projects.


A resource page for service users and those seeking more information about support and therapy for themselves or others.


A professional forum set of pages for counsellors, with news-feeds, professional resource information and news feeds.


If we can make the Broadway web team part of your community project web journey, do please ask us, in confidence at all times.