dsc Social Change Awards for 2018

The Directory for Social Change ‘Social Change Awards’ are now open for nominations.

The Social Change Awards are for all those working to achieve a positive change in society – individuals, charities, community groups, companies, public bodies.

You don’t have to be a charity to apply… whether you’re applying as an individual, an informal group, a company, a public body or a charity; if you are passionate about social change then there is a category for you.

Source: https://www.dsc.org.uk/events/social-change-awards/

Use the web link above to see whether you qualify as a nominator or nominee. There are details and more information about this year’s categories too.

They are…

# The Great Giving Funders Award  (See more…)

# Lifetime Achievement Award   (See more…)

# Rising Star Award   (See more…)

# Influencer Award   (See more…)

# Everyday Impact Award – Long term Enterprises   (See more…)

# Everyday Impact Award – New Enterprises    (See more…)

We like the dsc Social Change Awards, they are about that passion and impact for individuals and organisations, but are framed in a very human scale and with a thread of genuine compassion for community running through the simple, elegant process…we think.

We hope you get nominated, and if you do…we hope you win too. Good luck.

You have until the end of August to submit your nomination to the dsc.

Their FAQ page is here…(.pdf)