Renovating our pond!

 Looking after our wildlife at Muddy Boots…


We have been refreshing our ‘Muddy Boots’ garden areas for the forthcoming season. Our pond was particularly ready for some fresh inspiration.

Below is what Grace, one of our younger volunteers, thought of our pond life creativity.


Ponds are a nice little touch to a garden but when it is overgrowing or weeds start growing from it, it can become a very unhealthy environment for all of the wildlife inside of it.

So everyone had to lend a hand whether it was getting in the pond to scoop up the mud or picking the newts, fish and anything else living inside of it.

My job in this operation was to get inside of the pond and tell someone when I saw wildlife so they could quickly help it out. Right next to the pond was some plastic baskets full with water so whenever we found some wildlife we could carefully place them into it.

A few days later the fish are very happy with their new environment .

(Grace age 9)

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