blueQuarter web – our new SocEnt service

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new community web design, hosting and update service –


Discover blueQuarter here - image and web link
Discover blueQuarter here

As part of Broadway Social Enterprise, this new, fully managed service, is designed to respond to the needs of community groups, social enterprise, charity and education/training needs.

All the money spent by our clients, on their blueQuarter web services, goes directly to support our community projects at Broadway SocEnt and Muddy Boots in particular.

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If you would like a Social Enterprise, with our community at its heart, to help you deliver your next set of web pages, or to revise or modernise something you already have, then we would be happy to help.

For an informal discussion to explore your next managed web presence, or just to find out more – contact tim (at)

Always happy to help.

We build in WordPress, but are not anchored by geography for this service, only in our commitment to effect change where we live. Contact us from anywhere!


Editor Notes: is the managed web service of Broadway Social Enterprise Limited, a community enterprise based in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

The technical resources for our service have been donated and developed in partnership with Social Enterprise East Midlands and the SmithMartin Partnership in Cambridge UK.

A long time web and communications supplier, their team are developing our in-house expertise and providing our technical infrastructure.

John Birkett, Chair of Broadway SocEnt has said ‘…we are delighted with this new development for our SocEnt. Not only will we be able to sustainably provide professional and technical support to others in our sector, but will be able to transform the training and knowledge uplift of our existing, and new, SocEnt volunteers…’.


Other works in progress to be completed:

In the Autumn we hope to launch The Book Bobbler, our new resource for children’s books and arts activity. See

Finally to complete our SocEnt sustainability plan, we will be rounding-out and launching our Broadway Broccoli service – an organic veg box service – working to deliver healthier diets and good food in our geographical area of distribution. See

Watch these spaces…

The Broadway Team