Investing in Pocket Parks – new funds

The Government have recently extended invitations to community-led organisations, in partnership with local authorities, to apply for funding to create new pocket parks and refurbish existing parks.

Sitting in a pocket park?

The release information also places stress on innovation in development and the creative use of non-traditional ‘public’ spaces, developed for community connection and well-being.

Some of the key narratives include…

‘The objectives of the programme are to deliver, across all areas of England, new pocket parks and support renovation of parks that have fallen into disrepair providing spaces for the local community to use, either as place to relax or for activities which will benefit the physical and mental health of local people.’

‘Providing good quality green spaces where people can come together, enhance their well-being, have access to healthy exercise, meet other people and find companionship are vital in addressing issues such as rising health costs, loneliness and division within local communities.’

‘…green spaces provide a wealth of opportunities to get closer to nature, meet up with friends, play, take physical exercise, walk the dog or even just have some quiet time in the fresh air with a cup of coffee from their local high street. They can be used to benefit the economy by hosting events which support local retailers and providing venues for business activities. They can offer communities access to space to facilitate community integration.’

You can find full information about these new community funds here…

Also available is the fund prospectus, the application form and a set of frequently asked questions.

Could we designate our community garden as a pocket park? Thinking aloud.

Park sitting image: Brett Sayles, Creative Commons, Pexels